03 Jan: Lisa Ries

Lisa Ries is a professional runner and a stunning sports celebrity. Known as a talent runner, she is often the focus of attention on the track. During her junior high school days, she was hailed as a talented athlete. She once won the women’s 1500-meter championship in the National High School Athletic Games in 2005, repeating the honor for three consecutive years.

14 Apr: Zhuang Yu-jie

Zhuang Yu-jie, the current CTS(Chinese Television System Inc.) news anchor, had been in a band since senior high school. She was the lead singer for “Slimo” during university, and appeared on the stage of Spring Scream for 3 consecutive years, and also released an EP. Zhuang joined the independent folk rock band “The Tic Tac” later on as the drummer. Her signature performance was having the big drum moved to the front of the stage for her to play.

25 Jun: Jia-yu Hsu

Jia-yu Hsu, a senior food and travel journalist-turned freelance writer and photographer, has always been curious about how the ingredients are transformed into delicious food. As her mother is a professional chef, Hsu visits the kitchen very often. Aside from being a food lover, Hsu is also a dexterous cook herself, under the influence of her mother. She has recently created her own food brand—”Homey Rice & Café”.

07 May: Peggy

Trendy Stylish Entrepreneur and Designer
The PUPUPEPE website, established in 2007, has been a mainstay in the fashion industry for more than ten years and can boast more than 50 million hits. VOGUE Taiwan reported that PUPUPEPE is “The Most Popular Digital Platform in Taiwan Today”, and Peggy is one of the most influential leaders in digital commentary in Taiwan.