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A wild artist living in the UK

Yosifu, an artist who belongs to the Ami tribe, was born in the village of Matailing in Hualien, Taiwan. He now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is one of very few artists in Europe using Taiwanese aboriginal culture as the main theme for his artworks and shines on the international arts stage.

He is an excellent speaker and has been invited by TEDx Taipei several times. In recent years, he has actively engaged in and paid attention to environmental protection, and often crosses fields to boldly cooperate with the fashion world. He constantly publishes innovative works, and keeps presenting new art in aboriginal people to the arts world.

His works break the traditional arts frame of aboriginal people. Although what he expresses is the growing memory and festival culture, his use of color is bold, and the theme is vivid. His works are full of visual tension, with strong and wild brushes, which make the traditional turn into a bright and vibrant fashion color.

Yosifu Art https://www.facebook.com/YosifuGallery/

Q & A

Q:How do you start your day?

A:Happiness from the very start will make your day different. Saying to the mirror that you are great and really awesome! And you should also learn to forget unpleasant things.


Q:Where do you visit the most?

A:The fields of Hualien’s tribes and the seaside.


Q:Which restaurant do you often visit?

A:Stir-fry 100. It is the most authentic Taiwanese food. There are all kinds of tasty dishes and the atmosphere is also lively and comfortable. Every time I come back from the UK, I would go to this restaurant.


Q:What do you do for leisure after work?

A:Watching movies and going to the gym. A movie is a fusion of all arts, so it is the most direct way to enhance the artistic temperament of an artist. As for exercising, certainly I want to invest in myself. I am an idol!


Q:What book have you recently read? Do you have any realizations or feelings about the book?

A:An American female artist, O’Keeffe’s autobiography, goes to a very primitive and wild place only for the inspiration of creation. She is really brave and adventurous! It is worth learning from her spirit as life is an adventure, not meant to be merely content with comfort.


Q:What do you find the most interesting or appealing in Taiwan?

A:The traditional food market in Yuli, Hualien. It can reflect the real lives of common people, and the friendly cries of vendors come and go. I can even try many types of food there for free. How wonderful it is!


Q:What are your expectations of staying at the Hotel?

A:Design and uniqueness.


Q:What is your impression of the hotels of Taipei Inn Group?

A:The quality of service is good. The hotel is simple but fashionable, which fits the style of a modern metropolitan area.

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